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A house with tradition since 1659
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In 2018 Anja Hillerich will take over the “Obere Linde” as new tenant. The house is run with cordiality and sophisticated gastronomy to tie in with the old times of the “Obere Linde”.

obere-linde-oberkirch-traditionObere Linde, hotel with tradition

In 2012 the married couple Dilger handed over the “Obere Linde” to tenants. Extensive renovations have since been made.

In 1979 a noticeable enlargement and modernizing of the buildings were made.
The house has been designated a Property of Cultural Interest by the state of Baden-Württemberg. Many hotel and hospitality awards followed.

In 1972 like the admission of the company in the cooperation “romantic hotel” to their foundation members Werner and Elisabeth Dilger belongs. In the years 1975 the house was extended with a wine tavern and two skittle-alleys, as well as the infrastructure of the kitchen was renewed.

In 1970 Werner Dilger and his wife Elisabeth, born Berger, are taking over the hotel.

In 1948 returning home from war captivity, Alfred Dilger continues the hotel business. Years of expensive renovating follow.

From 1944 until 1955 the hotel was under French Armed Forces control.

In 1936 their son Alfred Dilger was prepared for a future in hotel business. He and his wife Gertrud, born Keller took over the hotel in 1936.

In 1910 Zyniak Dilger and his wife Maria, born Kimmig are buying the “Obere Linde”.

18th – 19th century
The Geldreich family were owners of the hostelry “Zur Linde” for more than 150 years. Many famous politicians and aristocrats of those days stayed here, as you can see in the guest book. Between 1847 and 1849 the participants of the Baden revolution met at the “Obere Linde”. On September 30, 1879 Empress Augusta  celebrated her 69th birthday at the “Obere Linde”. This is where our ballroom “Augusta”, built in 1904, got its name from.

In 1766 Johann Michael Fischer and his wife Barbara, born Stigler, gave the hotel to their daughter Maria Anna, married to Georg Fidel Geldreich from Durbach.

In 1702 Johann Georg Fischer built the larger house with the covered connecting bridge.

In 1692 Christian and Anna Fischer have the house reconstructed – documented by an inscription on the framework of the small house.

In 1689 Destroying of Oberkirch in the “Palatinate Successions War”.  Also the “Christian Fischer´s hostelry at the limb tree” was burned down.

In 1656 innkeeper Georg Fischer from Oppenau and his son Christian bought the property on May 3, 1659 and built the restaurant.

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